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Isidore Touboul, Artistul

1923 - 2012

Isidore Touboul, an artist was born in Oujda Morocco in 1923.  A son of the Jewish community leader, head of the Rabbinical court, and Holder of the Foreign Legion decoration - Schechmani Shlomo (Solomon) Touboul. 

Isidore was a master automobile technician, garage owner for over 65 years, and an artist insole and spirit. 

Isidore paint and Sculpture using door paints (in Morocco during WWII where real paint was not available) or professional paints and tools later in Israel.

Isidore was very creative in mechanics, his unique and rare problems-solutions, made him well recognized in Netanya where he built his home with Marrie Touboul and three kids. 


Early Days

Isidore left Morocco for Israel and arrived at Grand Arenas camp near Marseille, France. He was the Combat Fitness Guide preparing new emigrants to be transported to Israel and join the new Israeli Defense Force before the 1948 war. 
There he met his wife, Marrie Serero (later Touboul).

Meet The Team

Marie and Isidore Touboul

"Aliya to Israel"

After learning Hebrew and Commanding Course Isodore prepared many future soldiers that were sent to Israel. As the Israeli Independent War required more soldiers Isidore emigrate to Israel and join the IDF.
He was placed in an Israel Exploration delegation (a collection of scientists, writers, leaders, etc.) touring the deserts of Juda and Negev, on unpaved and virgin routes seeking Israel minerals and other Natural resources.

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